Linnasmäki’s large auditorium offers a modern environment for meetings, lectures, panel discussions and music and theatre performances. The auditorium’s computerised meeting system ensures a smooth meeting; reserving speaking time and voting can be done with a touch of a button. Even demanding technical needs are organised by expert personnel in our monitoring room. The auditorium is also suitable for smaller meetings that require less sophisticated technology.

Linnasmäki’s large auditorium has hosted the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church Synod, Regional Council meetings and also occasional City Council meetings. The space has also been used for small concerts and theatre presentations, as its acoustics and lighting can be modified to a large extent. The autumn gathering of the Finnish Nature Photographers’ Association also speaks to the high quality of the video projector.

The auditorium has 160 seats, and about 60 chairs can also be set up at floor level.

Spaces and technology

Meeting space:
Accommodates 160-200 people
Also offers:
Concert grand piano
Meeting technology:
Meeting system with voting functionality
High-intensity laser data projector
PC for presentations
Wireless microphones
A high-quality sound system
Fast Wi-Fi network for guests
Acoustics that can be modified
Induction loop
Podium with a fixed microphone
Meeting table with fixed microphones
Live-streaming of the meeting
Video recordings
Video conferencing (Skype)
Multi-function displays on the stage (2)
Electrical sockets beneath the tables for participants’ laptops
Accommodates wheelchair users