There is plenty to do at Linnasmäki, with our own six-lane disc golf course that circles Linnasmäki. Discs and lane maps can be borrowed from reception at no charge.


Linnasmäki has its own nature trail and alongside it runs a children’s adventure trail. The trail starts behind the main building and runs around the surrounding forest for about 1,5 kilometres. The path is of medium difficulty. There are a few steeper spots along the trail and the rocks can be slippery in rainy weather.

Along the path there is one of the largest deposits of common hepatica flowers in Turku and a small pond favoured by water lizards and frogs. There are small boards along the path, providing brief information about nature related stories in both Finnish and English. Also functional tasks, such as parkour in nature and making a natural perfume, is advised throughout the path.

Children can go on a fun and functional forest trip on the children’s adventure trail. The trail tasks can be accessed via a QR code on the information boards, which runs alongside the path. The assignments are in both Finnish and English. Children even have their own guides: Olli the squirrel and Pipsa the black woodpecker. The colourful pictures are drawn by illustrator Keanne van de Kreeke. At the beginning of the trail, an oath is taken. “I will only observe nature, not destroy it. I’m a friend of all animals and plants.” During the trail, children can e.g., explore the life of the pond and build a home nest for Matti the mouse. The guided tasks encourage children to study nature and feel comfortable and safe in nature.


Linnasmäki’s yard has direct access to an exercise trail where you take longer walks or jogs. We have a few pairs of Nordic walking poles that can be borrowed at reception.

In the summer you can play ping-pong outdoors. Paddles and balls are available at reception. You can also borrow pins for the Finnish bowling-type game mölkky, as well as other yard and board games.

The hostel’s third-floor common room has a bookshelf where you can borrow or exchange books and magazines.

In the summer we have a small play area where children can draw, read, play and watch TV. Children are their parents’ responsibility in the play area.

Ask reception about other outdoor activities close by. A nearby park has a playground and a sandy football field. The Aura river valley also offers canoeing and a lovely hiking route along the river valley with an outdoor fitness area. During your jogs you can admire the memorial cross in Koroinen or have coffee at the Koroinen Manor Café.

activities FOR GROUPS

Niina Heikkilä (photo: Heidi Tammero)
Anna-Maria Toivonen

We offer groups the opportunity for various activities, implemented by our trusted partners. Please ask for more info/a quote from

Story telling

Welcome to the kingdom of Hiisi! Have you ever heard how the first adder (our only poisoned snake in Finland) was born? And have you ever heard of Hiisi, the creature that used to live in the deepest of the forests and who gave birth to an adder? If not, this is the opportunity of your life to hear stories from Finnish cultural heritage. Come and join us to the adventure where we dive into the stories of the ancient world. There among the Hiisi and Forest Fairies we need to learn how to survive without hurting nature and other creatures on Earth. We´ll learn useful spells and skills to protect ourselves and to protect our nature.

This journey will be led by Anna-Maria Toivonen (Storyteller and Master of the Culture and Arts) and Niina Heikkilä (Wilderness Guide and Drama Teacher)

Camping skills

During the trip, you will receive instruction in various camping skills from an experienced nature and wilderness guide. We set up a log together in the nearby forest and cook there with the camping stove. The guide guides you to the world of plants and animals in the forest and gives camping advice.

Peace of the forest

Relax in the surrounding nature on “The peace of the forest” experience. On the trip, you will walk around for about 2 kilometres in the nearby forest. During the walk you will perform various sensory seeking exercises and easy physical movements with the help of e.g. stones and trees. You will enjoy the calming effect of nature and leave the trip relaxed.

The nature related trips are led by Niina Heikkilä (Wilderness Guide and Drama Teacher).