Sustainability and responsibility plan for Linnasmäki

Linnasmäki strives to offer its guests an experience where sustainable development covers the entire operation and is a natural part of daily routines. We are committed to preventing and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and we actively promote sustainability by constantly developing our actions and setting new goals on yearly basis.
We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations (environmental sustainability). Our largest environmental impact comes from energy and water consumption. We actively strive to reduce our energy and water consumption, minimize the generation of waste and improve its sorting. We use 100% renewable electricity, environmentally friendly products and resource-efficient technology. We measure and monitor our environmental efficiency regularly by measuring water, electricity and energy consumption as well as the amount of waste generated in our operations.

Our purchases have a large indirect environmental impact, for example in terms of food and chemicals. We commit to using organic, eco-labelled and seasonal products and ingredients as much as possible, and not to use ingredients from endangered species. We minimize food waste and only use disposable containers exceptionally. The cleaning and washing agents as well as tissue papers used are all eco-labelled.

We work for social sustainability in our area for the welfare of both our staff and guests. We are committed to the equal treatment and rights of all people and fight against corruption and commercial, sexual or other exploitation of children, teenagers, women, minorities or other vulnerable groups, as well as all forms of harassment.
We offer a safe working environment and risk as well as crisis management is considered in all our operations. We train our staff systematically. We communicate our sustainable development actions to both our staff and our guests, in order to increase environmental awareness and commitment.
Following laws, regulations and other requirements is a minimum standard for us. We are committed to exceeding current laws and regulations related to sustainable development. Linnasmäki strives to be at the forefront of creating a sustainable tourism industry and aims to inspire other organisations, guests and staff to participate in sustainable developing their sustainable activities.

Turku January 26th, 2023
Jukka Hautala, CEO, Linnasmäki Oy

Green Key eco-label (in progress)

The Green Key certificate is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. This prestigious eco-label represents a commitment by businesses that their premises adhere to the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education. A Green Key assures guests that, by choosing to stay with a Green Key establishment, they are helping make a difference for the environment. The high environmental standards expected of these establishments are maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent audits.

What You can do to reduce the environmental impact

• Taste and discover local delicacies. Prefer organic and local food products.
• Visit local sights and try activities offered in the area. Move around on foot and prefer cycling and/or public transport.
• Turn off the tap when you don’t need the water to run and use the dual-flush button as intended.
• Don’t leave windows open for a long time on cold days. Use the same towel as well as sheets for several days. Switch off lights and electrical appliances when leaving the room.
• Take only what you can eat on your plate. Avoid using disposable food/drink containers, plates and cutlers. Drink tap water instead of bottled water.
• Sort your own waste in the bins provided at our recycling points in the common kitchens. Leave possible hazardous waste on your room table.
• Use washing and cosmetic products sparingly. Don’t pour any dangerous chemicals down the drain. Instead, if needed, leave them on your room table.
• Ask questions, comment and give feedback on our sustainability work.  Tell us what we could do better. Tell others when we have done well.

Sustainable outdoor activities in Linnasmäki

Our location, surrounded by nature encourages us to spend time outside. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that You will enjoy these leisure opportunities mentioned below, as they were implemented specifically for our guests. Please remember to respect the nature as well as our environment and behave appropriately.
A fitness trail can be reached directly from Linnasmäki’s yard. The path runs of different lengths. In wintertime, if there’s enough snow, the path serves as a ski trail. What are you still waiting for?

Bicycles may be rented from our reception during summer. Try biking to the city centre along the beautiful riverbank.
Group activities are also available when reserved in advance. The guided activities consists of storytelling and nature walks.
Linnasmäki’s own nature trail runs for 1.5 km in the surrounding forest. Go outside, listen to birds singing or just take a deep breath and enjoy.
Linnasmäki’s popular 6-lane frisbee golf course runs in the surrounding terrain. Discs and fairway maps may be borrowed from our reception, free of charge.

Ping-pong is a fun sport, right? You can find a ping-pong table outside, next to the main entrance and it’s in use all year round. You may also borrow various yard games from our reception during summer.

Sustainable outdoor activities in the area nearby

We encourage our guests to move as much as possible on foot, by bike or public transport, especially when visiting the area nearby or Turku in general. We also feel the importance of reminding you about paying special attention to the preservation of natural diversity, especially when moving around on nature sites. Please act in ways that doesn’t endanger the nature in any way. When visiting other sites and destinations, internationally established good practices and local guidelines should be followed.

Aurajoki river is the pearl and oasis of Turku. Best ways to explore the riverside is on foot or by bike. Near Linnasmäki, less than 2 kilometres away, you can enjoy unique traditional landscapes and near the city centre as well as in the direction of the harbour, there are several cultural sites as well as environmental works of art. All destinations and routes are marked on the route map which is not unfortunately available in English.

Canoeing trip on Aurajoki is a memorable experience as well as a great way to spend time outdoors, whilst getting to know the cultural landscape of Aurajoki river. The Aurajoki guiding center Myllärintalo is located only 2 kilometres from Linnasmäki. There you can rent a canoe or take part in a guided canoeing trip.

Several fitness and cross-country trails, cultural fitness routes, nature trails, and bird towers can be found in Turku. Explore the many options and enjoy sustainable outdoor activities.

Ingegerdinpuisto is a park, located just 500 m from Linnasmäki. The park has a playground for children and a sand-based soccer field. Pack some lunch and lie on the grass on a sunny day.

The landmark of Koroistenniemi is a large white cross, because in the 13th century, Koroistenniemi had Finland’s earliest known bishop’s seat. The destination is full of history and is also a nationally significant cultural and historical site. Koroistenniemi is located less than 2 kilometres from Linnasmäki and nearby is also a wonderful, ecological cafeteria.  

There are 18 nature reserves in the Turku area, the oldest of which is the Choraus area on the lush island of Ruissalo. Closest to Linnasmäki, about 3.5 kilometres away, is the rocky hill of Nunnavuori, rising above 63 meters.

Like spending time in parks?  Take your bike and go for a spin around the green areas in Turku. 

The outdoor recreation islands are located in the archipelago. Day trips to the island trips are a great way to spend your free time in the wonderful scenery of the archipelago.