Our fitness area is a bright, roomy, very diverse space. The hall is naturally well-suited for almost all sports and fitness activities, but can also be converted into a meeting area. The space has also been used for a successful gala dinner for several hundred people and for a number of conferences and exhibits. The acoustics are well-suited for choir practice, small theatre productions and dance classes. Countless successful events, from the Judo & Aaido Finnish National Championships to the European Trivia Contest, attest to the multifaceted nature of the hall.

Space and technology

Meeting space:
Surface area 230 m²
Accommodates 70-300 people depending on the event
Meeting technology:
Portable meeting technology
– Data projector
– Projection screen
– PC for presentations
– High-quality PA speakers
– Wireless and fixed microphones
Fast Wi-Fi network for guests
Induction loop
Movable piano
Option for curtains and rugs
Movable podium
Large selection of fitness equipment
Accommodates wheelchair users